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Trek Touch-up paint

Trek Touch-up paint

Trek Touch-Up Paint is paint and varnish mix designed to repair minor scratches and paint chips in the finish layer of a bicycle frame. This paint has a short drying time and each colour is specifically formulated to best match the paint colour of your bike.

Thing to know about Trek Touch-up Paint.

  • Volume = 30 ml
  • 76 colours/finishes to start and we will continue to evaluate what new colours may need development.
  • With the 76 colours/finishes, we can cover about 70% of the bike colours/finishes from MY16-MY22
  • New colours for MY23 will be added throughout the coming months
  • We will monitor usages and demand. We will adjust the line-up accordingly.
  • We will have mainly Gloss, Matte and Satin finishes.
  • It’s extremely difficult to get great results with touch-up paint for P1 colours. Hence our line-up contains regular colours only, no P1.

You can contact us for details of what options are available. 
Please confirm paint colour and if gloss or matte and we can clarify 

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