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Manufacturer Warranty Information.

All Bikes & Frames sold by Gary’s Cycles are covered by a warranty specific to the manufacturer. This covers manufacturing defects.

Please note warranty does not cover the following:

The following is the direct information/Links to detailed warranty information from the manufactures.

Trek Warranty

Scott Warranty

Giant Warranty

Shimano Warranty

Making a Warranty Request

To make sure warranty procedure of your bike will be fast and hassle free to you we ask you to:

  1. Read warranty information of your bike’s manufacturer
  2. If your bike / frame is covered under manufacturer’s warranty terms, please contact us via email and detail what the issue is.
  3. Please email with the subject line Warranty request
  4. We would need few pictures of your bikes this would need to be of the damaged area, frame number and please make sure pictures are taking in good light conditions.
  5. The final thing we will need is a copy of proof of purchase.
  6. Once we have all the relevant information we will discuss the next steps on making a claim. Please note the likely hood is that we will need the bike or frame back to send to the manufacture in question.


A) Wait for the Decision 

We can log the warranty for the part and wait for the decision/outcome, before the bike is ready for collection. Please note this time can vary and is down to each manufacture to come to a decision on whether the item/part is covered under warranty.

This Warranty is with the manufacture in question and this decision is made by them not Gary’s Cycles.

As mentioned; above manufacture’s do not cover labour charges for part replacement or changeover, so there will be a charge for stripping the bike and reassemble if your claim is successful.

B) Pay  for the Part up front and credited when warranty is approved

The second option is to pay for the replacement part up front. This is the quickest approach to get you back on the road ASAP. We will log the warranty claim and depending on the outcome from the manufacture in question, if we get an approved claim we will credit you the costing of the part in question.

Please note: There is the occasion that parts or models get discontinued. some manufactures will cover the amount of the old part or model, but there is a difference in cost, this difference will be placed on you as a customer.

Carbon fibre is not indestructible

But like anything, carbon fibre is not indestructible, and not all damage to carbon fibre will be visible. Compare a carbon fibre part to a metal part. When you damage a metal part, it will bend or deform. When you damage a carbon fibre part, it could break or it could conceal damage from the naked eye.

In other words, just because a carbon part looks normal after an impact or accident does not mean that it is safe to ride.

How can carbon be damaged?

While it is impossible to list all of the scenarios that can cause damage to a carbon fibre part, below are a few examples. If you experience any of the following, stop riding your bike immediately and get it checked.

• You hit something in the road while riding – a kerb, guardrail, pothole, parked car or anything that causes the bike to stop abruptly.

• An object becomes stuck in the front wheel, causing the bike to stop abruptly.

• You get hit by a car or van.

• You have crashed your bike and it does not feel or sound “right”.

• Your bike is in a roof rack when you drive your car into a garage.

Of course, your specific scenario may be different. Remember, any carbon bike part has the potential to be damaged by a crash or impact. There are tests that can help to determine if a carbon part has been damaged, but here is the bottom line: if your carbon frame, fork or part has been potentially damaged and you have any doubt about its integrity, you should replace it.

What to do if your bike may be damaged

If you suspect that your carbon frame, fork or part has been damaged in any way, follow these simple steps:

1. Stop riding the bicycle.

2. Get you bikes checked.

3. Replace the damaged frame or parts

Ride safely. For more information, see your retailer or read your Owner’s Manual.

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