Update on Christmas Bikes [Please Read]

Covid Information

Covid-19 Updated Info - 29/11/2021

Just a quick update, that we are open and limiting numbers in the shop.

Please note: when we feel that there are too many customers in the shop we will lock the door and finish of severing the customers inside before re-open the door again.

Please Note: 
If you are traveling to look at a certain bike, please give us a call to check that we have the bike/size you are looking for built on display. We will do our best to try and sort everyone. 

Please Note:
We close lunch between 1pm-2pm.

You can still make an appointment for the purchase of new bikes via bike 2 work scheme.
Slots will be provided to review bikes on a one to one basis if requested, please research what stock we have available on our website to suit your size. Please use the In-Stock filter available on our website.

Repairs are done via a booking system, so please make sure you book a slot for repair or service.
We do accept walk-ins for punctures.

Please Note:
we have capacity limit like most businesses and we are doing the best we can with all the repairs that are coming in. 

Thank you for your patience during the current situation and stay safe everyone.
We are working with new hours which are the following:
Please make note of these

New Hours:

10 AM – 6 PM
10 AM – 6 PM
10 AM - 6 PM
10 AM - 6 PM
10 AM - 6 PM



We would like to make all customers aware that not all bikes will be on display in-store, they may be displayed as in-stock on our website but sometimes these might be off site in our store. Therefore, before traveling please call to check we have the bike/model and size available for viewing. 

We want to avoid disappointing our customers as best we can, so please bear this in-mind before traveling or you can ring ahead and make payment over the phone or on the website and schedule a collection time or delivery date for your new bike.