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Electric Bike Pedal Assist System

Yes, SCOTT only sells E-Bikes with pedal assist. This means that if you don’t pedal, the pedal assist will not activate. This assistance goes generally from +50% of additional power to +300% depending on the mode.

Theoretically there is no maximum speed on an e-bike; the motor will cut out the assistance above:

How Far And How Long I Can Ride With An Electric Bike?

  • E-Urban range is 120km range with 80kg rider, mode, weather and terrain can effect this.
  • E-MTB is 100km range with 80kg rider, mode, weather and terrain can effect this.

How To Wash An E-bike?

  1. As an E-Bike is water resistant you can wash it as you would wash a normal bike.
  2. Remove the major part of the dirt with a water-jet (never use a high-pressure car washer)
  3. With a soft brush and with the aid of a bike cleaner (bike specific, do not use car or motorbike products), clean the remaining dirt
  4. Once it’s done, rinse the bike with water to remove the washing fluid (never use a high-pressure car washer)
  5. When the bike is clean, turn the bike upside down during few seconds in order to remove standing water, then wipe off the bike.
  6. We recommend to wipe the electrical contact plates of the battery afterwards as well
  7. To finish, lubricate the chain with bike specific chain lube

Can I Ride My E-bike When It’s Raining Or In The Mud?

Both the engine and the battery are water resistant, so there is no problem for riding in wet conditions.

What Kind Of Maintenance Do I Need To Do On My E-bike And How Often?

The maintenance is pretty limited and simple. By yourself you can wash it, apply oil on the chain, wipe it down and check brake pad wear. A visit every 3 months to your local dealer is recommended to avoid any mechanical issues.

What Is Wh?

A Watt Hour (Wh) is a unit for measuring the capacity of the battery. The higher this number is, the more range you can cover. Drive unit quality, settings, terrain and system weight have to be taken into consideration, however

Is It Possible To Remove The Battery From My E-bike?

Batteries are removable on all SCOTT bikes without tools; all you need is the key for opening the retaining system.

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Battery Of My E-bike?

Nowadays most of the batteries (500wh) need around 4.5-5 hours to be charged completely and fewer than 3 hours for 80%.

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