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More bikes on the way

More bikes on the way

More bikes on the way

Bike shortages will continue for 2021 across all brands and models, so the main thing for this year is to plan early. 

Gary’s Cycles have plenty of bikes pre-ordered for the entire 2021 season and will deliver nationwide. We will be doing monthly newsletters on the stock we have due in, so looking for a certain model then get signed up to our newsletters. 

If you are looking for a certain model please contact us and we can confirm when this is available and put you on a pre-order list. Please remember these shortages will also apply to parts and accessories, we have planned for this and have plenty of chains, cassettes and bottom brackets in stock for services. 

The following steps will allow you to easily order your new bike from the comfort of your own home. 

All stock is live on our website, so you can easily see what bikes are available in our store. Right now.  We also have warehouse stock activated on our website,  which are from some of our brands and these will take a little longer to deliver. We are doing 1 on 1 appointments for all bike to works, so please contact us for an allocated time slot. 

You might see dates on when bikes are back in stock on our website, which might look a little scary.
These dates are based on if you where to order the bike today, as we have a lot of bikes already pre-ordered the bike you might want could be due into us in only a few weeks, so always just check with our team via the following channels noted in the contact info below. 

Step -1 Research/Plan

Research the bike or style of bike you want. 
Check the stock on our website 
Check the sizing charts, so you are aware of the correct size frame you need. 

Remember we have plenty of bikes pre-ordered, so if the bike is out of stock you are looking for, we might have this already ordered and due in soon. 

Step - 2 Contact Us / Pre-Order - Bike to Work

Contact us when you know what bike you want. 
Email ([email protected]), Phone or Facebook us here at Garys Cycle’s 

We will confirm your order and organise an invoice for your bike or any accessories. If its a bike to work, we will provide an invoice via email with the necessary items covered under the scheme. 

We can organise a 1 on 1 appointment to view a bike, but research needs to be done on what style bike you want and frame size etc you need before we can confirm an appointment. 

Please note: deposits are needed on all bike to works to hold bikes due to the shortages. 

Step - 3 Bike Collection 

Bike Collection.
Once bike to work payments are made, we will contact you and provide a collect date for your new bike and organise a refund of your deposit. 

Partner with Gary’s Cycles. 

If your company provides bike to work and is looking for a preferred vendor/partner for 2021 that can guarantee bikes, please get in contact with us. We have been doing this for over 30 years and will provide you with the premium cycling experience you deserve. 

Sign up to our newsletter

You can sign up to our newsletter’s on the home page of our website, we will monthly post what bikes are due into us each month.
We will also send out a quick update on when certain amount of models arrive in store.

Contact us:

Phone: (071) 913 8060
Facebook: Garys Cycles Sligo
Instagram:Garys Cycles Sligo
Email: [email protected]

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