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Last Batch of Trek Marlin's

Last Batch of Trek Marlin's

Top Up Trek Marlin Christmas Order

Some good news, we have put in a top up order for smaller sizes on Trek Marlin's. 
These are limited number of bikes available and the window is now closed to guarantee any special order bikes that we do not have in-stock to arrive before Christmas. 

Please Note - Any bikes that says ''Warehouse Stock'' 15 days delivery timeframe'' Please contact us to discuss, as the likely hood is these will not arrive before Christmas as they take 2 weeks to arrive from central Europe. 

The Sizes we have ordered are the following below which are free stock and available to secure with deposits. These include all the other in-stock bikes we have available. 

Example Title


Trek Marlin 4 - Black 

Sizes XS, Small & Medium 

Trek Marlin 4 - Blue 

Sizes XS, Small & Medium 

Trek Marlin 5 - Grey 


Trek Marlin 5 - Volt Green 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

- Phone: (071) 913 8060
- Email: at [email protected].

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