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Trek Madone Orders Open - Trek Project One

Trek Madone Orders Open - Trek Project One

Today is the day some have been waiting for. Trek just opened Trek Project One for their most popular road platforms to the Project One Configurator. You can now place orders for Madone, Domane and Domane+ with the following configurations:

  • Madone: Madone SLR 7, Madone SLR 7 Etap, Madone SLR 9, Madone SLR 9 Etap
  • Domane: Domane SLR 7, Domane SLR 7 Etap, Domane SLR 9, Domane SLR 9 Etap
  • Domane+: Domane + SLR 7, Domane + SLR 7 Etap, Domane + SLR 9, Domane + SLR 9 Etap

We will be focusing on the Trek Madone and what models can be ordered.




When it comes to the quality of Project One bikes, we stick to a hard and fast standard – perfection. Every Project One is designed and built with meticulous attention to detail and will not leave the building until several multi-step inspections have occurred. You expect the best, we guarantee it.


Hand painted, hand assembled, one by one. That’s how our team of gifted designers, builders and painters craft every Project One bike. Good things take time, and remarkable things take talent. We’ll invest a healthy dose of both. Because this is personal – not just for you, but for the craftsmen dedicated to making your dream bike a reality.


Every Project One bike is built to order and hand-assembled with care. There’s no mass assembly line, no boxed-up bike waiting to be purchased. The process begins when you design your dream ride, and each step is executed with you in mind. Your bike will be put together piece by piece, start to finish, by someone who wants to astound you.


Select: 60-75-day average lead time
Classic Custom, Designer Series and ICON: 90-day average lead time


These are the themes for the model you've chosen. Pick a theme and a starting colour combination. You'll be able to refine the colours and design further in the next step.

Starting price on these bikes are the following below, this is for the select paint scheme which are 5 colour schemes.
These are: Deep Smoke, Viper Red, Azure, Red Smoke/Red Carbon Smoke and Satin Quick Sliver. 

Madone SLR 7 - €10,999
Madone SLR 7 Etap - €11,499
Madone SLR 9 - €14,699
Madone SLR 9 Etap - €15,699

Madone SLR Colour Options


Brandmark Colour options will increase the cost by €600.00

Full Fade options will increase the cost by €800.00

Tri-Colour options will increase the cost by €1,200

Designer Series options will increase the cost by €1,800 - 9 Colour Options

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