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The all-new Trek Domane SL and SLR

The all-new Trek Domane SL and SLR

The all-new Trek Domane SL and SLR

The bike that makes every road ride better

The wait is nearly over, we have the news that the Domane 2023 will have a new frame this year. 
What does this mean?

SLR Models will start arriving in November and SL models will start arriving in February. 

Lightest ever disc brake Trek Domane

We always have a soft spot with the Trek Domane, the most compliant endurance road bike on the market and the latest model has new integrated stem and aero-optimised tubes. 

The other big change this year is the removing the front Iso-Speed has saved over 300g of weight from the old frame to the new frame.

This will mean that the new Trek Domane SL & SLR will be called Gen 4 while the bike which has the front Iso-Speed intact will remain a 2023 bike and be called Gen 3.

Why remove the Front iso Speed? 

The main reason is the introduction of more tyre clearance with Disc brakes bikes along with bigger tyres that are now run at a lower pressure with tubeless set up. 

Another slight change this year is SL-level frames which see's an update in their rear IsoSpeed system and seat post. Trek’s No Cut semi-integrated seat mast. Instead, all models now use a seat post, although a proprietary D-shaped post instead of being round.

Another big change to this year frames is the removal of the the adjustment from the SLR’s top tube IsoSpeed. Going forward all the new SLR frames now have fixed compliance. Therefore, with the removal of this feature this has simplified and lighted the frame.

What does this really mean in terms of ride and feel? Simple really the new Domane’s fixed compliance is in line with the previous generation SLR’s IsoSpeed set to the most compliant position. 

The Takeaway: Trek’s best road bike gets faster, lighter, quicker, and better

  • Frames are 300 grams lighter
  • Slight aerodynamic improvements
  • Compatible with any bar and stem
  • Updated Iso Speed system 
  • Seat Post update

Heart of a road bike. Spirit of adventure.

The Domane is a performance road bike that delivers incredible endurance comfort without sacrificing speed. Wherever you ride it – tarmac roads, hard-packed gravel or the cobblestones of the world’s greatest one-day races – the Domane family is smooth, fast and fun.

Looking to do a little more? The electric-assist Domane+ family lets you take on epic all-day rides with a little extra help up hills and through the wind so you can take the long, long, long way home.

Three ways to explore the open road

New Domane


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