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New Trek Icon Project One Colours

New Trek Icon Project One Colours

Works of art

Project One ICON is a collection of premium paint schemes that represent the highest level of artistry in custom bicycles. These bespoke designs are about more than colors that stand out: they're filled with texture, depth, and mood. Each ICON showcases a mastery of brush and paint and reflects the passion the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.

Chroma Ultra-iridescent

Chroma Ultra-iridescent comes from years of trial, error, and combined artistic brainpower from Project One’s most sought-after master painters. It takes a certain level of skill and know-how to create a paint so radiant. We’ve been told that its recipe is top-secret and kept behind locked doors.

Price is €4,400 on top of which SLR Model you are considering. 
Limited-edition availability for Madone SLR and Émonda SLR

Chroma Diamond Flake

Millions upon millions of microscopic chrome flakes create a stunning scheme worthy of every display.

No two diamonds are the same and with this limited-edition colorway, you’ll have a dream bike that shines differently in every light.

Limited-edition availability for Madone SLR and Émonda SLR


These one-of-a-kind paint schemes are created organically by fusing together thousands of tiny crystals into lattices that sparkle in any light.

Just like the natural phenomena they replicate, Crystalline bikes are like snowflakes — each one as unique as the next.

Tie dye

Bright rides and good vibes roll into Project One with Tie Dye. These schemes get groovy with hand-painted strokes that blend hues together, creating tie-dye-inspired designs that range from colorful and classic to toned-down and timeless. Whether you want to go far-out or keep things mellow, Tie Dye’s six color choices let you create a ride as radical as you are—ya dig?

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