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New lower prices on Trek Electra's bike line.

New lower prices on Trek Electra's bike line.

On 1 December 2023, we're relaunching Electra bicycles with a new, lower price point across the full range of Electra bikes.

We've repriced these bikes to outshine any competitors in the market. Electra is a brand that offers a quality bicycle at a great price without sacrificing longevity, or more importantly, style, comfort and quality. 

Electra city bikes from €369

City Bikes

Electra e-bikes under €2000

All these E-Bikes come under the cycle to work scheme, as the scheme covers €1,500, you can get you new Trek Electra E-Bike for an extra €99 euro with doing the scheme on some of the following bikes below. 

These bikes all come with the Electra E-bike System provides confidence and control through three modes of power support with a rear hub motor.

A fully-integrated 250 Wh battery provides a range up to 65 kilometres.

Electra E-Bikes

Electra e-bikes above €2000

The below bikes all come with mid mounted Bosch motor and Bosch Battery. If you are looking to get longer distance from your e-bike then check out the following range. All bikes will come with digital screen that easily tells the rider what range is left on the bike. Each Electra bike that has a Bosch battery and motor comes with 4 assistant modes. 

Electra E-Bikes

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