Update on Christmas Bikes [Please Read]

Christmas Bikes - Statement

Christmas Bikes - Statement

Christmas Bikes - Statement

It may be only October but we do urge you to consider thinking about that new bike for Christmas due to expected supply problems. We are getting a large delivery of Trek Marlin's into us within the first and 2nd week of October, this will be the bulk of entry level MTB bikes between now and December. We do have deliveries each month, but with the shortages of containers and lorry drivers, we are hoping you won't take the chance in doing last minute shopping.

While the country seems to be getting back to normal, there still is major supply chain problems within the bike industry which is not going to be solved over night (this will take 2-3 years). Its not just bikes that are the issue, certain bicycle parts delays are into 400-700 days for which are causing knock on delays on bikes becoming available for stock.

Low Stock Warning!

Low stock warnings are the following size bikes.
These will be the bikes that we will see sold out within the next 4-6 weeks.

14'', 16'', 20'' & 24'' Kids Bikes  

- Soctt 24'' bikes are nearly sold out! - 21/10/21

- 14'' we have limited supply of 14'' bikes from Ridgeback and we will have no more delivery of this size bike - stock will run out in 3-4 weeks.
- 16'' Kids Bikes - these will be the first of what we have in stock that will start to run out in the next 2-3 weeks. 
- 20'' bikes while we have good stock now these will start getting low towards the end of October early November 
- 24'' we do have good stock on 24'' bikes but colours are limited at the moment. 

Trek Marlin's 

We do have good stock of Trek Marlin's currently, we will see more colours come back into stock over the next 2 weeks, sizes such as M, M/L, L & XL. 
There will be some XS & S sizes, these are very limited and will be sold out before the end of October. 

Trek Domane AL3 Disc 

We have some Trek Domane AL3 Disc back in stock this month (October) in both 54cm & 56cm, the next delivery date on these bikes is next year limited supply.

Contact Details: 
Phone - (071) 913 8060
You can also contact us through our social media channels Facebook and Instagram.
Email: garyscycles@gmail.com

Please note: we are receiving a large number of calls and emails, so we will do the best we can to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

All our stock is live on our website, so whatever bikes are in-stock right now, make sure you click the in-stock filter option when browsing our website to allow for a more easy shopping experience. Also just check Trek's main website for sizing guides. 


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