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Trek Verve+ The ultimate comfort e-bike

Trek Verve+ The ultimate comfort e-bike

Wherever you’re headed, Verve+ is the best way to get there. These hybrid e-bikes are ultra-comfortable, super intuitive to use and a ton of fun to ride. You can power up hills, easily carry groceries, and explore new destinations knowing you’ll have more than enough boost to do it all.

Upright, never uptight 

A relaxed, upright geometry keeps you comfortable and confident.  

Best packaged bike

Larger 27.5" wheels provide even more comfort and control.  

Choose your Verve+


Verve+ 3, 4 and 5 

Our highest-end Verve+ models offer the latest frame design and smart optimisation with sleek internal cable routing, the Bluetooth-capable Bosch Smart System and several battery size options to best fit your needs.

– Bosch Smart System PowerPack battery
– Choice of 400, 500, 545, 725 or 800 Wh
– Sleek internal cable routing
– Dependable Shimano CUES drivetrain
– Plush 27.5" wheels and high-volume tyres

Please note: these spec's are based of newer models. 

Verve+ 1 and 2

Trek’s traditional comfort e-bike features a Bluetooth-capable Bosch Smart System, a 400 Wh Bosch Compact PowerTube battery, simple on-bar controls and classic Verve+ comfort touchpoints.

– Add-on Bosch 250 Wh PowerMore battery
– Intuitive on-bar Bosch LED controller on Verve+ 1
– Compact and easy-to-use Bosch Purion 200 on Verve+ 2
– Plush 27.5" wheels and 50 mm tyres

Please note: these spec's are based of newer models. 

Verve+ 1 LT  

Want an e-bike that’s easier to carry up and down the stairs? The Verve+ 1 features a lightweight Hyena battery for easier transport and simple to use on-bar controls that make every adventure a breeze.

– Smooth Hyena rear-wheel drive
– Easy-to-use Hyena on-bar LED remote
– Lightweight Hyena 250 Wh battery
– Add-on Hyena 250 Wh Range Boost
– Plush 27.5" wheels

Powerful and reliable e-systems

Every Verve+ model is built with an e-system from a trusted name in electronics, so you can ride easy knowing that your e-bike is safe to charge, reliable to ride and powerful enough to get you where you need to go. 

Bosch mid-drive motor

Verve+ 2, 3 and 4S are powered by Bosch mid-drive motors, which provide a stable centre of gravity and smooth support that feels more natural when pedalling. They also feature Bosch’s latest smart technology, which is fully connected and always up to date.

Hyena hub-drive motor

The Verve+ 1 LT features tried-and-true Hyena hub-drive motors, which are a bit more affordable and lighter-weight than their mid-drive counterparts. 

Power at your fingertips 

A handlebar-integrated Bosch Smart System is Bluetooth-compatible and lets you seamlessly shift between assist modes. 

Built-in theft protection

The Verve+ is compatible with the Bosch Connect Module, which allows you to activate an anti-theft alarm using Bosch’s eBike Flow app.  

More electric possibilities


This stylish and dependable low-maintenance e-bike makes getting around your city simple, fast and fun.  


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This sleek, speedy electric bike is designed with premium parts and thoughtful features that avid riders will love. 


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The FX+ LT is an intuitive, fully equipped fitness e-bike designed for exploring more of your city. Ride to work, run errands or just ride for fun on our lightest city e-bike ever. 

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