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Garys Cycles Welcomes The Moustache Brand

Garys Cycles Welcomes The Moustache Brand

Garys Cycles Welcomes The Moustache Brand

When we are considering any new brand for the shop there are a few things we always consider, the main ones are quality, style and good product model range that will appeal to our customers. Moustache Bikes hits all these elements and much more, when you only think that this brand was established only 9 years ago they have come a long way in such a short period.

About Moustache Bikes !

Moustache is based in the Vosges region of France, home to our the owners memories, families, and their values. They strongly believe that the strength of a company is based above all on its employees, and they have built theirs around their complementary skills. After starting out as two bike-lovers crazy enough to embark on such an adventure – Manu (development) and Greg (sales) – now have close to 100 people working on the development and production of our bikes.

To leave the car in the garage...

The Moustache initial range included 7 models. The range comes close to 65 bikes that they have developed with care, with passion, with conviction! 65 ways to have fun! 65 good reasons to take a bike and leave the car in the garage! We will stock as many models as we can and try and pick the best ones that works for you as a customer. 

Why Moustache ?

The moustache has been an integral part of the history of the bicycle for a long time now. Look no further than the famous moustache handlebar! Moustache Bikes handlebars are innovative and can be considered as a modern take on the famous moustache handlebars of the past. Every moustache is unique, every moustache is recognizable, every moustache has a strong identity, just like their bikes!

Moustache has the strong belief that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling! This is something we both can agree on, e-bikes are fantastic in building someone's confidence that they can do more and go further than ever on a bike. As we see it, they are an excellent alternative to cars. A quality e-bike can bring happiness, whether it be in an urban environment, or leisure rides, or for more intense riding.

Moustache also have a balance bike for learning to ride. It’s the only bike without electric pedal assistance, but for them it’s one of the most important bikes in their collection: it’s the first bike, the one that will ignite a passion in cycling for kids.

The most important thing about the Moustache brand is the structured collection with 13 model ranges to cover all the different riding needs: urban, all road, road, mountain bike and kids’ bikes, so you can find the right Moustache for you!

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