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All Giant E-Bikes are powered by Hybrid Cycling Technology. This innovative system combines electric power with human power to produce the most efficient, powerful and natural E-Bike riding experience. It’s a seamless extension of your own power, and it’s what sets our E-Bikes apart from other “electric” bicycles. For more on our Hybrid Cycling Technology, check out our guides and e-bike technologies below.


Giant offers three different SyncDrive motor options for its various E-bike models. Each one is engineered and tuned to support specific riding styles. From daily commutes to recreational and high-performance road and off-road riding, there’s a SyncDrive motor for every E-bike adventure. Here’s a look at the three levels of SyncDrive.

SyncDrive Life

SyncDrive Life is ideal for city E-bikes used for daily transportation or recreation. These motors have Smart Assist technology, featuring six sensors including a slope detection sensor and an accelerometer.

SyncDrive Sport

The new, sonically tuned compact SyncDrive Sport motor is updated with 6-sensor Smart Assist technology for smooth, quiet performance. The new compact motor is the ideal solution for riders seeking a versatile, do-it-all E-bike experience.

SyncDrive Pro

SyncDrive Pro is updated for 2020 with Smart Assist technology tuned to deliver a powerful, performance-oriented riding style with improved assistance at higher cadences.

Battery technology and performance

  • We use a high spec type of Lithium Ion battery supplied by Panasonic called Lithium Cobalt Manganese.
  • 2 key characteristics –
  • Can be fully charged 1000 times with a capacity of up to 100%.
  • Lowest self-discharge rate of any E-bike battery.

What’s the life of an E-bike battery

  • Our batteries can be charged 1000 times up to 100% total capacity.
  • Then 800 charges at a maximum capacity of 80% then 600 at 60% maximum capacity.
  • A usable life span of at least 2400 charges.
  • The average charging cycle life of a battery from another E bike system is 500-600 at 100% charges.

Range on a Giant or Liv E-bike

  • All of our motors are highly efficient.
  • All the range figures that we quote are genuinely achievable.
  • All figures are independently calculated by an organisation in Germany.

Range on a Giant or Liv E-bike

  • Figures based on a 500Wh battery and the E-bike being ridden on tarmac with a semi slick tyre.
  • The Life motor has a genuine range of up to 200km/125miles.
  • The Sport motor has a genuine range of up to 185km/115miles.
  • The Pro motor has a genuine range of up to 164km/102miles.
  • Our motors all use internal gear to gear engagement for higher efficiency.

Please note: all these figures are based on using the eco mode and the following can effect the range.

What effects range?

  • Battery capacity.
  • Motor efficiency.
  • Rider weight.
  • Tyre pressures.
  • Cold weather.
  • Assistance level choice.
  • Too high or too low cadence.
  • Bad gear selection.
  • Stopping and starting frequently.
  • Gradients.
  • In most cases these are things that have an effect on the range of a car as well as a good comparison.

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