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Thanks for your request

Our team will contact you within 24hrs to finalise your order.

Please be aware a deposit will be required during this call to send across an invoice/quotation. This will mean that your bike and accessories are put aside until your workplace has made payment. (Due to Bike Shortages, this is the way we are currently operating to make sure customers are guaranteed their selected bike/accessories)

Please Note:
We are closed Sundays/Mondays, if we receive any requests on these days it will be Tuesday the earliest before we will contact you. 

Please note: This email doesn't guarantee your bike/selected items until we speak to you and a deposit is placed.

Once you confirm you are happy to proceed with the order our team will put your bike and accessories aside, send across invoice via email. You will need to submit this invoice into your companies HR Department and once your company has made payment to us we will organise delivery or confirm a collection day/time of your new bike/accessories.

Once we get to the collection or delivery stage after payment your initial deposit will be refunded, please note T&C's apply.  

Please note: As per our policy ''no bike is allowed to leave the shop until full payment is made by your company. 

Our Terms and Conditions can be seen here 
Which you agree to when a deposit is placed and an invoice is submitted. 

If you have any other questions you can contact us via the details below. 

Contact Details: 
- (071) 913 8060

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